Fine jewellery for over 150 years.

Fine jewellery for over 150 years.

Fine jewellery for over 150 years.

Our Story

In 1866, Gavriil Petrovich Grachev established a silversmith shop in St. Petersburg. His eight sons took over the business in 1873 and renamed it Grachev Brothers. The firm soon became famous for its fine jewellery and objets d'art. By 1897, the company employed 66 craftsmen. The 20th century saw continued success. 21st century Grachev Brothers is imbued with the liveliness and spirit that it had when it first began in that St. Petersburg workshop.


Carefully sourced from select workshops, our products are shaped through expert craftsmanship, precision, and exacting attention to detail. Each piece is brought to life by craftsmen who treat them as works of art. Grachev Brothers creations have won prizes in various Russian and international fairs. This new collection is inspired by the brand's beautiful heritage.

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